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We often forgo the small pleasures in life due to hectic lifestyle. An utilitarian could be happily sipping his/her tea with a gifted mug from the groceries purchase. To some, an aesthetically pleasing mug will be so important even if he/she merely stays at home. Right or wrong is neither here or there because each of us has different perspective towards our daily living.

'I need a change,' whispering to myself when I stumbled upon the Instagram page of Amanda from AMÉLIA who lives a fine, fine life. There is a common myth that it takes 21 days to change or adopt a new habit. I get started decluttering recently by keeping the items which spark joys. I no longer (hmm, much lesser perhaps) fell into bandwagon of impulse buying be it cheap price tag or big discount. I will try to cast aside at least an item or two from my current belongings to sell online if I acquire a new item into our crib.

Are you currently into decluttering as well?




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