our atelier

The sunlight beaming through the white curtain lace and I am sipping a cup of tea, immersing myself in a book, endless browsing on my Macbook, humming the songs that I couldn't remember the lyrics (most of the time, hah!) or striking up conversations with some interesting people who ocassionally pop by perhaps. All these quiet moments are unfolding in my desire to grow a business that I can work from anywhere and anytime.

To me, forest is a place that is tranquil yet full of life. So does our atelier. Our brand name was thus derived from a Japanese term, Mori, that carries the same meaning. 

It can be difficult and tedious on days I never quite know if I am making the right decision for my business (you're welcome to read about them herebut the atelier - and my heart - stay passionately curious everyday.

I hope you enjoy lingering at our space and be inspired to appreciate details, learn new things and listen to your inner voice even more.

Thank you for popping by!